The Cross, The heart shaped Lake, The Watcher


Hand painted on silk
Dimensions of each piece: 1.95m x 40cm, $450.

Hand painted on silk

From a triptic painted on a large panel.

There are 3 windows with a scene in each. The 1st panel depicts a ravine in the Rodway Range, in Mt Field National Park.

The 2nd panel depicts Kreyer’s lake, which sits right under the ravine depicted in the above scene. I have painted this scene looking down from above.

The 3rd panel depicts a peak in the Rodway Range named The Watcher. It looks like a face looking down on the lake.

The triptic is not just a picture of the scenery; it has a spiritual signifigance. I thought the ravine looked like a crucifix. The heart shaped lake reminds me of how much the Father loves us. And the Wathcer mountain looks like the Holy Spirit watching over us.

Dimensions of each piece: 1.95m x 40cm

The Esther Collection

The Esther Collection

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